Our confirmation ministry exists to teach the faith and prepare Christians for a lifelong study and growth in God’s Word and our Lutheran Confessions. The program is designed as follows:

8th Grade Track 1 Students
During 1st period religion class at OSL we study Luther's Catechism and the doctrines of the Church.
7th/8th Grade Track 2 Students
We meet in the Classroom building (C105) at 8am, for two years on Sunday to study Luther's Catechism and the doctrines of the Church, in a traditional Lutheran Confirmation format.
All 8th Grade Students and Parents
After Sunday service at 10:45am, all 8th Grade students and parents meet in the Classroom Building (C105) for lessons and discussion over how we live out the Small Catechism and apply it to our lives as Christians. For an updated schedule of days that we are  meeting, please contact Pastor Krieg.

Public Examination
On the Friday before Palm Sunday the 8th grade students who have successfully completed their course of study sit for a public exanimation of what they have learned and are given the opprotuinty to confess their faith and confirm their desire to become communicant members of Our Savior Lutheran Church.